C² Test Data Manager


The Challenge of Test Data

At C² Data Technology, we understand the challenge of manually rewinding your data to specific points in time. It’s a time-consuming process that involves identifying the exact point in time you need, running the restoration process, initiating and verifying the data integrity, and making any adjustments. Unfortunately, this extensive process is prone to human error. That’s why we created Test Data Manager (TDM) to simplify and streamline this process for you.

Test data management
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Our Solution

C² TDM can easily rewind your AWS RDS and Aurora databases to the exact point in time you need (end of month, quarter, year, etc.).  This is critical for software testing and many other business activities, where you need to repeat your activities. Then when you are done you can simply put your database back to the initial state and do it again.

Key Benefits

Unlimited Bookmarks

Make as many or as few bookmarks as you need


The Cloud-native solution makes managing your data in the cloud seamless and easy.

Easy to use interface

Manage your test data and keep bookmarks organized

Super Lightweight

C² TDM works with the RDS features you already have

Additional Use Cases

Providing timely snapshots of your database isn’t all C² TDM can do:

Data Recovery


When strange things happen to your database, C² TDM can come to the rescue and recover it quickly from any existing bookmark.

Data Analysis


Using snapshots of your data with C² TDM, you can focus on how specific data changes over time 

Data Auditing


Respond to audit questions with facts not guesses, with C² TDM you know the exact content of your database at any points in time. 

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