Understanding what kind of sensitive data lives in your cloud is crucial for data privacy, compliance, and the auditing process. acquiring this information may require heavy lifting from the company itself as it requires, time, money, and resources for its many databases.

How it Works

Connect Data Sources

C² Discover seamlessly connects to your data environment whether it’s relational databases, NoSQL, S3 Buckets, Data lakes, and warehouses


Discover Sensitive Data

C² Discover uses deep learning to identify sensitive data that meets major data privacy regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and PCI-DSS accurately and without bias.

Analyze Risk Exposure

C² Discover calculates your risk score based on what it found

Monitor Over Time

Every time you scan your environment after the first time, C² Discover will display any changes to your environment.



Understand risk as a whole and at an instance level.

Identify what has been discovered, and what still needs to be discovered.

Determine how at risk your environment is 

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Next-Level Discovery: C² Discover goes past the column and table names, looking directly at the data and metadata.

Reduce Human Involvement: no time defining REGEX’s or performing data analysis

Proactive Analysis: C² Discover presents what and how much sensitive data resides in your environment as well as your risk exposure.

Deep Learning: Our powerful deep learning accurately identifies sensitive data that resides in the world location or in pieces, without the bias.


Extensive PII: C² Discover identifies sensitive data for regulations like HIPAA, Gramm Leach Bliley Act, PCI-DSS, and more

Meet C2 Discover

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Detecting Sensitive Data

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