The modern approach to managing data risk.

Discover Sensitive Data

Easily identify sensitive data using C² Discover’s deep learning.

Accurate Detection: C² Discover uses state-of-the-art machine learning models that are built on years of contextual knowledge in securing sensitive data in various industries. Our technology ensures accurate and unbiased detection of potential vulnerabilities.

Next Generation Discovery: C² Discover goes beyond traditional methods like REGEX or inspecting column and table names. We dive deep into the meaning of your data, enabling us to provide a comprehensive analysis that is more effective than ever before.

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View your Sensitive Data Landscape

With C² Discover we pinpoint your vulnerabilities with precision. Our advanced algorithms analyze every aspect of your data, presenting the results through an intuitive heat map. Stay one step ahead and protect your sensitive information with our proactive approach to data security.

With its innovative features, C² Discover allows you to easily classify various types of data, including regulatory-specific data, personal private information, healthcare data, and financial data. Gain full control over your data by classifying its exposure as public, confidential, or highly confidential. 

Secure Sensitive Data

  • Encryption: C² Discover securely encrypts your sensitive data, ensuring its protection and confidentiality.
  • Integration: Our advanced technology seamlessly integrates with your preferred data privacy solutions, allowing for smooth and efficient data management.
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Monitor Sensitive Data

Monitor Sensitive data over time and stay informed about changes in your risk landscape. With C² Discover, you can effortlessly track the evolution of your sensitive data and understand its implications. Our advanced technology automatically performs regular check-ins on your data, providing you with comprehensive insights into how your risk profile evolves over time. Uncover the top findings and gain a better understanding of where sensitive data resides. C² Discover understands the categories and quantities of your sensitive data, allowing you to pinpoint any vulnerabilities and take proactive measures to secure your information. Experience the power of Data Discovery and Privacy with C² Data Technology.

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