Manage Telecom Data with C² Data

Identify Sensitive Data

Using next-generation identification technology, C² Discover combs through your data and accurately identifies the sensitive data found there. 

Connect, Bookmark, Rewind

Connect C² TDM with the AWS Aurora and clusters, bookmark pivotal moments in your database, and rewind to any specific snapshot.

Fill Standards and Regulations

Identify the sensitive data for regulations like GDPR, PCI, and CCPA

Protect Smarter

Feed what C² Discover found to your favorite data privacy product straight from our user interface

Take Control over Testing your Application

Test your application for end-of-month, quarterly, or year processing with C² TDM


Turbocharge your Data Privacy Initiatives
  • Get an understanding of what kinds and how much sensitive data lives in the cloud in crucial documents like customer complaint forms, invoices, pay slips, contracts, prepaid and postpaid applications, and identification documents (passports, driver’s licenses, etc.)
  • Understand your risk from an overview or narrowed granular view
  • Spearhead your next data privacy initiative by feeding the results directly from the user interface to your data privacy tool


Manage your Test Environments
  • Test your application for end-of-month, quarter, or year processing
  • Connect the test data manager to your AWS Aurora database and clusters
  • Bookmark pivotal moments in your database and delete any bookmark once you’re done
  • Rewind your database to any specific snapshot