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Confidential Care, Trust Protection: Safeguarding Confidentiality Every Step of the Way

Protect HIPAA patient information with ease using C² Data Privacy Platform – sharing healthcare data without compromising patient confidentiality.

Data Sources

Trust protection

Where Privacy and Heath Intersect Ensuring the Confidentiality of Your Medical Information

data security

Data Breaches

Unauthorized access to PHI is a major concern for not just the organization but for their patients.

data security

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting HIPAA and GDPR isn’t the only concern to data privacy, but involves the patients and data teams.

data security

Data Security

Implement strong data security, protecting PHI from malicious activity while meeting the data security requirements for HIPAA and GDPR.

Data Privacy Reigns Supreme

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Risk Management

Launch a full risk profile of your healthcare environments, so you can protect smarter.

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Safeguard Sensitive Data

Apply data protection directly to your sensitive data found and meet data compliance regulations, strengthen data security, and prevent data beaches.


C2 Manage

C² Manage

Classify and Tag your data by risk, location and data privacy regulation. Receive the best data security recommendations based on what was found.

c2 discover

C² Discover

Discover sensitive data in your cloud and hybrid environments using our deep learning. Uncover your risk and vulnerabilities across your enterprise.

C2 Secure

C² Secure

Protect your data, redaction, encryption, or masking based on what was found and the recommendations made.