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C² Data Technology empowers enterprises to utilize the cloud without fear of exposing sensitive data by providing insights into what and where sensitive data resides.


Why You Need a DSPM Solution

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Simplify Operations

The C² Data Privacy Platform uses AI to speed up your data privacy operations. It provides risk management, sensitive data discovery, and sophisticated tool to protecting your data.

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Improve Security

Know where all your sensitive data is stored and protect it with the right tools for each situation, without slowing down your business!

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Unlock Value of Data

STOP fussing over protecting data and START unlocking the value of data.

The Impact of C² Data

Data Source Visibility

Using our data first, metadata second approach, we introspect your data to accurately uncover data that is covered by regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and GLBA.

Data Driven Decisions

Based on the combined risk scores, we apply the right data-level protection to fit your needs.

Unified Enterprise Risk

Our comprehensive sensitive data landscape shows all of your data sources and the risk associated with it over time. As risks change you can drill down to learn why your data could be at risk.

Benefits of C² Data

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Seamless DSPM

Easily discover, manage, and secure sensitive data for effortless data privacy.

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Sensitive Data Distribution

Locate your sensitive data and identify vulnerabilities.

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Comprehensive Analysis

Dig deeper to understand findings and analysis.

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Risk Mitigation

Secure your data now to reduce risks.

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Protect with Confidence

Protect your data from risks and vulnerabilities with new innovative technology.


C2 Manage

C² Manage

Classify and Tag your data by risk, location and data privacy regulation. Receive the best data security recommendations based on what was found.

c2 discover

C² Discover

Discover sensitive data in your cloud and hybrid environments using our deep learning models. Uncover your risk and manage your data vulnerabilities across your enterprise.

C2 Secure

C² Secure

Protect your data using sophisticated encryption, masking, or data synthesizing   based on smart  recommendations that can be applied automatically