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Secure What’s Sensitive

Improve your security posture with C2 Secure. Protect what C2 Discover findings the way you want to.


Encryption can be used to secure data for many situations.  Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) combines the benefits of encryption and tokenization for instances where you need to go back to the original data at some point.

Data Masking

Data masking is a technique used to protect sensitive data by replacing it with fictitious but realistic-looking data. This ensures that the data remains useful for development, testing, and analytics purposes while preserving confidentiality. 

Synthesize Data

Synthetic data is new data generated based on either existing data or patterns created by the data owner. This type of data can mirror or extend the characteristics and structure of real data.  It can be used for  testing, training machine learning models, or performing data analysis without compromising privacy.

Data Redaction

Data redaction removes the identifying attributes of sensitive data by replacing it with specific characters like “XXX”.  This simple approach can be effective for some use cases.

Secure Data

Unified Data Security

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Comprehensive data security for structured and unstructured data, regardless of location

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Cost Efficiency

Save enterprises from investing in multiple solutions by having one place to manage data security, reducing management time and resources

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Rapid Protection

Use our native encryption functionality, to immediately encrypt with no worries

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Robust, scalable architecture can grow with your organization. Scale your digital operations without fear of data breaches.

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Regulatory Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements for data security and avoid penalties by maintaining a proactive data privacy posture.

Next Generation

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Production PII is anonymized on ingest and is protected, even from database and cloud admins

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Without code changes to the application, the data is protected everywhere it flows

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Does not require specialized hardware or infrastructure to scale up or down

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There is no perceived impact on application performance

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Your key controls for your data


C2 Manage

C² Manage

Classify and Tag your data by risk, location and data privacy regulation. Receive the best data security recommendations based on what was found.

c2 discover

C² Discover

Discover sensitive data in your cloud and hybrid environments using our deep learning models. Uncover your risk and manage your data vulnerabilities across your enterprise.

C2 Secure

C² Secure

Protect your data using sophisticated encryption, masking, or data synthesizing   based on smart  recommendations that can be applied automatically