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Confidentiality Is Our Currency: Upholding Privacy and Ensuring Your Information is Secure and Protected at All Times.

Experience the future of securing financial data. The C² Data Privacy Platform revolutionizes the way institutions can share and manage data while safeguarding the trust and confidentiality of their valued users.

Data Sources


Securing Your Finances

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Data Breaches

Financial organizations must be equipped with the latest security measures to safeguard sensitive data, ensuring protection against data breaches.

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Regulatory Compliance

Financial organizations can lead the way in safeguarding data privacy through compliance with regulations like GLBA and PCI-DSS.

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Data Security

Empowering financial organizations to ensure the highest level of data security, inspiring confidence and trust between users and customers alike.

Data Privacy Reigns Supreme

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Risk Management

Discover the endless possibilities by identifying hidden opportunities and potential risks in all corners of the financial institution’s environments.

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Regulated Data Discovery

Gain access to sensitive financial data, including GLBA and PCI-DSS covered information, within various databases and data environments using sophisticated AI.

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Safeguard Sensitive Data

Implement strong data protection measures to ensure the security of sensitive data, minimize the risk of data breaches, and comply with GLBA and PCI-DSS data privacy regulations.


C2 Manage

C² Manage

Classify and Tag your data by risk, location, and by data privacy regulation. Receive the best data security recommendations based on what was found.

c2 discover

C² Discover

Discover sensitive data in your cloud and hybrid environments using our deep learning models. Uncover your risk and manage your data vulnerabilities across your enterprise.

C2 Secure

C² Secure

Protect your data using sophisticated encryption, masking, or data synthesizing   based on smart  recommendations that can be applied automatically