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Introducing C² Discover

C² Discover uses advanced machine learning models to quickly find your sensitive data.  As data privacy regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, and GLBA become increasingly stringent, organizations must adapt their data management solutions to secure sensitive customer information. At C² Data Technology, we understand the challenges you face and offer innovative software to automate your sensitive data discovery process. Our cutting-edge technology enables you stay compliant and ahead of the game. Whether you operate in healthcare, finance, or any other industry, we are here to empower you with the tools you need. Unleash the power of secure data with C² Discover and start your journey today.

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A Smarter Way to Find Sensitive Data

Unleash the power of innovation with C² Discover, where Data Discovery and Privacy converge. Break free from outdated methods of sensitive data discovery and embrace our AI based solution. Our advanced deep learning model, fueled by the perfect blend of machine learning and 20 years of contextual expertise, delivers an unbiased and precise view of your sensitive data landscape. Experience swift schema reconciliation as C² Discover effortlessly detects changes in your data. With us, you can identify sensitive data faster than ever before without sacrificing accuracy or impartiality.


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Financial Services

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With seamless integration across all major databases and data lakes, our innovative technology takes the guesswork out of finding sensitive data in your environment. Ditch the old ways and let C² Data Technology automate your pipeline, providing you with invaluable insights that drive actionable results.

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