Protect Your Business from Data Breaches

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a host of services and solutions that address 5 key preventative actions

  1. Identify. Know what to safeguard. Give services asset visibility, heck configurations, aggregate network traffic, and more.
  2. Protect. Defend your assets and workloads. Monitor and block traffic to keep malicious actors out.
  3. Detect. Expose anomalous behavior in your networks and understand issues faster.
  4. Respond. You’ve detected a security event. Communicate, investigate, and analyze the issues within minutes.
  5. Recover. Bounceback from events quickly with resilient and reliable infrastructure and automated recovery.

About C² Discover

C² Discover lets you take the first step to identify what data you need to safeguard. You can then decide what AWS services you want to use to protect it. Turbocharge your data privacy program with C² Discover!