Securing the cloud is one of the concerns when migrating to the cloud.

Overall Cloud Security

Depending on the type of cloud, the security varies. Securing cloud native is a lighter lift because it tends to have a bit more security because safety protocols were developed at the same time as the cloud, making security ingrained features of the cloud. While on the other side, securing the cloud-hosted type will be a heavier lift as it does require as much security because they just host on-premise data sources, making cloud security an afterthought.

No matter how safe the cloud is, there are risks to cloud integrity that we cannot control. These include human error, insider threats, malicious intruders, compromised hardware, transfer errors, and configuration errors. Security can never be 100% secured, which is why we have to do everything in our power to provide the security we need and deserve.

Ways to Better Secure the Cloud

Instead of waiting for something bad to happen, we can always implement solutions that will lower the chance of breaches and their magnitude of them.


Your team members should only have access to what they need to get their projects complete. This helps to secure the cloud because it lowers the severity of the data breach because if there was a compromise, it would only affect 1-3 departments. It’s much easier to clean up one small accident rather than a whole picture.

Auditing Activity

Like going to the doctor, you must check your vitals to create a baseline of what’s normal and what isn’t. Knowing the kinds of data that should or shouldn’t be located is a robust foundation to start identifying suspicious activity a lot faster. It’s challenging to spot red flag activity if you don’t know what is normal.

Identifying Sensitive Data

Knowing what goes in and out of your cloud environment is valuable information, but it requires time, money, and resources if done manually. A byproduct of identifying sensitive data is identifying your risk. This process may be grueling but, it’s so crucial to securing the cloud because it narrows the scope of the data protection project like data encryption, data masking, data loss prevention, etc. to it.

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How C² Discover can help

C² Discover, the cloud-native sensitive data identifier, offers a complete 360 view of what kinds and how much sensitive data lives in the cloud. Supported by machine learning and AI, C² Discover combs through your data and identifies your sensitive data, even if it’s in the wrong column or row. The powerful analysis engine connects to a variety of data connections like relational databases, NoSQL, Data Lakes, and Data Warehouses.

Once the discovery is complete, the results go through to our user-friendly user interface. the interactive user interfaces present you with the views of your sensitive data from an overview to a granular view of a singular sensitive data element. At C² Data Technology, we believe in giving you insights into your cloud that turbocharge your data privacy mission.