Meeting compliance has to be met regardless if you’re storing data on-prem or in the cloud. If you’re in compliance with both, HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and CCP, the California Consumer Protection Act, you’re most likely in compliance with the other US-specific compliances. The main international compliances are GDPR, the Global Data Protection Regulation, and LGPD, the Brazilian data protection regulation.

How to meet compliance with the cloud

Step 1: Identifying What Needs to Be Protected

Many compliances are concerned with where and how consumer data are being stored. And understanding what is considered consumer’s data can be complex because it’s not limited to names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and birth dates.

Step 2: Add Your Protection

The method of protection is up to your organization. Some organizations just require a firewall, some require keeping sensitive data on a VPN, and others require masking or encrypting.  From our experience, organizations tend to like locking it down, encrypting, and masking.

Step 3: Repeat

It’s important to periodically run your identification process and continuously protect it because data may end up in the cloud, whether you know it or not. This process can be automated, giving the organization’s data privacy officer one less thang to do, but it’s heavily advised to take a look into the process to ensure that the whole process is working as it should.

Step 4: Meet the Compliance

As technology continues to be innovative, stay up to date with the compliance that applies to your organization because the organization can avoid hefty fines.

How C² Discover can help

C² Discover is your cloud-native sensitive data identifier. By connecting it to your relational database, NoSQL, data lakes, and data warehouses, C² Discover uses machine learning and AI technology to comb through your cloud data to identify all the sensitive data to meet compliance regulations and standards.

Once the discovery is complete, the results go through to our user-friendly user interface. the interactive user interfaces present you with the views of your sensitive data from an overview to a granular view of a singular sensitive data element. At C² Data Technology, we believe in giving you insights into your cloud that turbocharge your data privacy mission.