Modern corporate data environments are very complex because of the wide variety of applications and teams that require access to data. As a result, many organizations lack a clear understanding of where their sensitive data is located, and therefore what data is at risk, making it impossible to know if they’re maintaining compliance with current regulations.

data privacy risk
The Solution

C² Discover addresses this problem by leveraging machine learning to find your sensitive data in your data sources. The interactive user Interface displays sensitive data reports in a multi-tiered view, giving you a 360 understanding of where you’re sensitive data lies and your risk exposure.

View Your Risk

Our reports start with a high-level overview of all the different classifications that were found in your data source. The user can then drill down to get as granular a view as they’d like, whether a list of all of their tables that contain PII or just a specific column.

Turn Insights into Actions

Users also have the option to export a report to a JSON file from anywhere in the multi-tiered view, so that you can immediately take the findings and act on them using other data privacy tools.

Rather than with a design philosophy of giving over-saturated views with information, C² Discover aims to present the user with the areas of highest risk so they can focus on addressing their biggest risk areas. This intuitive approach makes it easy to get your sensitive data under control.