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Identifying Large Amounts of Sensitive Data

Executive Summary

Axis Technology was working with one of their clients who have just acquired another company. This client has data up in AWS in S3 buckets. We recommended the best way to identify and protect their sensitive data first so they can lock it down to prevent data breaches.

About C² Data Technology

C² Data Technology is a premier data privacy software company based in Boston. With over 20 years of experience, we provide software products that make securing a company’s sensitive data fast and easy.

Sensitive Data

The Challenge


Identifying Large Amounts of Sensitive Data

Axis knew it would take a long time to identify sensitive data manually, especially since they would look at different applications.


Accurate Detection

Because Axis knew they were going to rely on a sensitive data product, they needed the scans to be as accurate as possible. It was imperative to know where sensitive data was.


Low-Friction Solution

Axis wanted to make sure they didn't invest in a tool that would be too reliant on the users, they would be working with numerous clients.

“C² Discover gave us a better understanding of what was going on in our different cloud databases. The user interface was a great help in quickly understanding what sensitive data lives were, how much there is, and what was our overall risk exposure. Using that information, we were able to quickly secure our data in the cloud.”

- Large Hospitality Chain

Why C² Data Technology

Axis decided to go with C² Data Technology because they had 20 years of experience in the data privacy industry. They dedicated themselves to developing products that will solve the growing pains of any data governance, compliance, and data privacy initiative. Axis trusted C² Data Technology to help them work smarter, not harder.

The Solution

C² Discover connects to the client’s AWS accounts, reads their S3 buckets, and integrated with the existing CI/CD stack. The product provided Axis with a smarter way to find sensitive data in the cloud while being more efficient.

Why C2 Data Technology

“Instead of having several people hunts down sensitive data in their S3 buckets, we were able to just click a button and watch our results show up on the user interface. We were able to focus o our experience, providing the facilitating data privacy, and not on understanding the client’s database.”

-Director of IT Infrastructure


C² Discover was able to provide a heatmap, displaying the sensitive data pockets found in their S3 buckets. Axis consultants were able to view the results as it was happening, giving them more than enough time to develop a well-thought-out data privacy strategy. They were able to understand what was going on as C² Discover also provides context around the sensitive data element. The user interface gave more than enough data to support any initiative that they needed to propose as it provided both, a brief overview and an in-depth view of the results.

“C² Discover gave us peace of mind that we were identifying all the sensitive data in our client’s cloud data.”

-Director of IT Infrastructure