What Is a Cloud Provider

Cloud providers are third-party companies who offer a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application, or storage services. Their responsibilities typically cover the following:  

  • Certifications and standards 
  • Technologies and service roadmap  
  • Data security, data governance, and business policies 
  • Service dependencies and partnerships 
  • Contracts, commercials, and SLAs (Service Level Agreements)  
  • Reliability and performance  
  • Migration support, vendor lock-in, and exit planning 
  • Business health and company profile 

Cloud Providers and castles have many similarities. They both host and have a standard protection system, like keys and locks, doors, a moat, etc. The responsibility falls on the users and the royal family that is using them. Like any attacker on a castle, talented hackers can get into the infrastructure at any time. If they don’t protect what’s inside, the entire system is ruined.  

Cloud providers
How Can C² Discover Help?

So, what can we do? With cloud providers only protecting the direct security of the cloud, C² Discover gives you information that will drive any and all data privacy initiatives. 

First, we need to prioritize what needs to be in the cloud and what does not. Once we have completed that, we can take the necessary steps to ensure that there is another layer of security, like masking, encrypting, deleting, and moving the data to a different location. C² Discover uses machine learning and AI technology to scan your data in the cloud and identifies sensitive data like PII. This makes cloud security stronger because the if the cloud providers neglect one of their responsibilities, causing a data breach, you are still protecting sensitive data.

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Ultimate cloud security involves everyone from the cloud provider, C² Discover, and data privacy solutions.