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Retail with Respect for your Privacy

Empower your organization to safeguard sensitive information like payment and customer data. Discover the limitless potential of data privacy with C2 Data Privacy Platform’s unified platform. By streamlining data privacy, data teams can easily collaborate and unlock the true potential of your data while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Data Sources

Identify Sensitive Data

C² Discover utilizes cutting-edge identification technology to meticulously scan your data and precisely pinpoint any sensitive information contained therein.

Fill Standards and Regulations

Identify the sensitive data covered by regulations like GDPR, PCI-DSS, and CCPA

Connect, Bookmark, Rewind

Connect C² TDM with the AWS Aurora and clusters, bookmark pivotal moments in your database, and rewind to any specific snapshot.

Protect Smarter

Utilize the findings of C² Discover to bolster your preferred data privacy tool directly through our streamlined user interface.

Take Control over Application Testing

Ensure thorough testing of your application for end-of-month, quarterly, or year-end processing.


Your Shopping, Your Data, Your Privacy

data security

Regulatory Compliance

GDPR and CCPA requires retailers to protect the sensitive data that they collect and store to avoid the hefty fines and legal consequences.

data security

Data Breaches

Retailers must protect valuable customer information, including credit card details, to ensure security and peace of mind.

Building Bridges with Privacy

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Regulated Data Discovery

Discover data governed by regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.

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Smarter Data Privacy

Empower yourself to take bold steps towards implementing robust data privacy measures that not only ensure compliance but also protect against any malicious activities.


C2 Manage

C² Manage

Classify and Tag your data by risk, location, and by data privacy regulation. Receive the best data security recommendations based on what was found.

c2 discover

C² Discover

Discover sensitive data in your cloud and hybrid environments using our deep learning models. Uncover your risk and manage your data vulnerabilities across your enterprise.

C2 Secure

C² Secure

Protect your data using sophisticated encryption, masking, or data synthesis based on smart recommendations that can be applied automatically