Today we are excited to announce some major advancements to the C² Discover product that provide users with a deeper understanding of their sensitive data across the enterprise. This includes a new Sensitive Data Landscape, Improved Data Risk Monitoring, Improved Discovery Performance and Extended File Support.

Sensitive Data Landscape

This feature shows your data exposure risk across all your data sources.  Based on our proprietary risk scoring algorithms the sensitive data landscape shows you what types of sensitive data are stored in your databases and files as well as the potential risk it represents.  The goal is to provide insight into your enterprise’s risk so you can determine how best to protect your data. C² Discover calculates risk by analyzing the data discoveries you have run as well as how many other data sources you have but have not yet scanned. C² Discover tells you what types of sensitive data you have such as personal identifiable data, financial data, and healthcare or HIPAA data.

Improved Data Risk Monitoring

Get even closer and see how your risk is trending over time.  C² Discover shows if your sensitive data increased, decreased or stayed the same on a  monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.   This tells you when and where to act to secure your data before it is too late.

Improved Discovery Performance

With C² Discover 3.0, the scanning process has been made smarter so you get your results faster.  C² Discover already provided sophisticated sampling features to allow you to control how you search for your sensitive data.  Some of our larger clients asked us to improve the speed of the Discoveries for the large or complex databases as well as hundreds or even thousands of data sources.  We listened and and improved  how C² Discover does parallel sampling.  One more step to making C² Discover the best solution for large enterprises!

Smarter File Support

Large customers have legacy systems that use older file types.  C² Discover now supports EDI files, both X12 and EDIFACT and can discover sensitive data in individual worksheets in Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX).. C² Discover scans all your files and has built-in intelligence to identify common industry file types to improve the accuracy of the results.

C² Discover is your enterprise-level cloud solution. C² Discover connects to your cloud-native data sources, whether it’s relational databases, NoSQL, S3, data lakes, or warehouses, and discovers sensitive data. Our approach to sensitive data discovery uses our own deep learning technology, utilizing machine learning models and contextual knowledge based on our unmatched experience with data privacy experience. Visually understand your risk across your enterprise, what and where the sensitive data was found.